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The Dialogue Doctor Podcast

Jul 31, 2023

In this episode, Jeff sits down with author Carmen Catena Lewis to work out her plot together. Like many writers, Carmen knows how she wants the story to feel, but she isn't sure what kind of story beats or moments of character growth the story needs. She and Jeff work together to take the story from a general feeling...

Jul 24, 2023

At the end of episode 153, Jeff and Laura got off on a tangent about Jeff's fiction. This bonus episode provides that bonus content. 

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Jul 24, 2023

Dialogue Doctor Coach Laura Humm returns to the podcast to answer questions for listeners with Jeff. The questions are:

  1. Best story you've engaged with recently?
  2. 2. Something you learned about writing recently?
  3. 3. How should we structure internal dialogue?
  4. 4. How does a character flaw and a character voice...

Jul 17, 2023

In this episode, Dialogue Doctor Coach Laura Humm sits down with author CC Hanson to talk about CC's work in progress. During the conversation they diagnose the emotions in CC's scene, Laura isolates a character's dialogue for editing using colors, they talk about staying in the moment, writing a 16-year-old voice,...

Jul 10, 2023

In this episode, Jeff sits down with Slyvie Kurtz. They look at the cast of Slyvie's novel. They talk about how to design a character voice and how to create a cast that compliments one another and creates conflict.

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