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The Dialogue Doctor Podcast

Jul 25, 2022

In this episode, Jeff and Laura celebrate the Dialogue Doctor's 2-year anniversary with a Q&A.

The questions they discuss are below:

1) Introductory nonsense 2:05-8:05

2) What do you wish you would have explained better in the last two years? 8:05

3) How do you plot a novella/novel with the conversations that need to occur per chapter? 18:33

4) How do you set up a cast of characters for conflict and entertaining dialogue? 31:50

5) How do you use the LEGOs to build the protagonist and the related blocks to build the antagonist and supporting characters? 38:35

6) How do you feel about “head hopping” in a book? 45:00

7) How to use the VEAH analysis on a scene from a book or movie? And, can characters change from E to A or H from scene to scene depending on the situation, or is it a character trait? 54:40

8) If a scene necessitates a character being alone, how can you structure the interplay between that one character’s thoughts, emotion, body language, and interaction with the setting to create the illusion of dialogue? 58:25

9) It seems so much easier to do this on film, what are tips for getting this kind of nonverbal info into a scene without clogging it up or bogging it down? 1:00:51

10) Will I be creating difficulty for the reader by changing the voice of supporting characters throughout the story? 1:12:25

11) How to express dialect without looking stupid? 1:18:17

12) How can you convey an unreliable POV character in dialogue? 1:22:52

13) What are you excited about exploring more in year 3? 1:28:50

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